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Heather Mills’ German Sex Manual

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

It was the 80s, and Heather Mills had just moved to Paris to model.  She had set up her own modelling agency two years earlier, and here she was, independent and in one of Europe’s most cosmopolitan cities.  What else could a young woman do except join a photo shoot for a German photo-only sex manual, right?  “Die Freuden der Liebe” holds it own with some of the best porn from Penthouse and Hustler  magazines from that era, we think, with Heather and her partner really showing the German public how to have hot, steamy sex with a variety of adult toys, and most especially, under a shower.  Her career in public service definitely started early, in our opinion.  Who knows how many Germans she saved from having boring, missionary-position sex with the release of that manual?  Here are a few samples of that classic instructional manual, and we hope you’ll learn a thing or two from watching Heather Mills in exciting and educational carnal action!

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Some Classic Heather Mills Nude Pics

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

Heather Mills put up her own modelling agency in 1986, when she was just 18 years old, and moved to Paris two years later, to work on some very risque jobs, like the notorious German sex manual she’s known for.  I guess that shows what kind of modelling agency she managed to set up.  It wasn’t just the German sex manual that she modelled topless for, after all.  During this period, Heather Mills also did more full-frontal nude modelling for other accounts, and that’s what you can see here.

Look at that pair of 34Es!  Too bad she had them reduced to 34Cs, although now that she’s older I guess that decision paid off, since they could have been saggier now if she hadn’t had them done before.  Heather sure knows how to plan ahead, doesn’t she?  Well, that’s what she managed to walk away with millions and millions of Sir Paul’s money.  She couldn’t have predicted how silly her 80s hairdo would look now though, but then who among us has that power?  This slut’s sure got smarts, and not just juicy jugs, but we all know what we prefer in a gal, right?

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