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February 14th, 2017 by christian

Hi Guys, a lot of you have asked which sites I prefer when I don’t surf for new nudes of Heather Mills so here is a list of my favourites. – This is of course one of my favourites, who doesn’t love it when another blog has more about your favourite stars – I just love Emma Watson and her upskirt photos always makes me nice a fussy inside. – Kim K is one classic reality hottie, I just love her and can watch the porn tape she did over and over again. – Ashanti is just so exotic and hot, I can look at her pictures and videos for hours man.

Then for normal porn sites my favourites are Watchmygf & Sams Bondage Mall 

Hope that makes sense for you guys. Let me know in the comments what is your favourite stars.

Heather Mills toys with her hairy cunt

December 1st, 2016 by J

Heather Mills may have had some unfortunate events throughout her life but she’d always balance these out with some of her favorite good times, one of which is having herself recorded while doing a hot striptease and playing with her hairy pussy. She admits that of all the risky things she’s done this is by far the one she has to think thrice over since it might ruin her career once it gets public. She didn’t regret a single second of simply being her naughty self on cam when people actually enjoyed watching her go dirty while naked and fingering that fine twat.

Horny Heather pussy-playing on cam

Nasty Heather Mills pussy-playing in the field

July 14th, 2016 by J

Naughty horny Heather Mills playing with her pussy out in the fields

Heather Mills has a knack for anything unconventional and when we say anything, yes, it includes things she likes about sex. While still with her then husband, Paul McCartney, she discovered her deeper desires in lovemaking and more. Her former husband taught her a lot of new tricks in bed but there was one time that she caught him off-guard. While Mills has a lot to be grateful for because she’s no noob when it comes to passion and lust because of her former partner, she does know how to create her very own style in surprising her unsuspecting hubby and she made him blush for the very first time when she did this.

When she told him she’d like to take him out for dinner, she gave him all there is to feast on when she laid down on the fields, spread her legs and started playing with her wet cunt. All the while she lets him film her and watch his cock grow from inside his pants, wanting to join in the fun. Mills got even more horny when she saw the hard on and kept rubbing her clit until they both cum!

Horny Heather Mills pussy-plays and fucks

March 15th, 2016 by J

Former wife to singer-songwriter Beatle, Paul McCartney, the entrepreneur in Heather Mills has given her a wide spectrum of various friends groups throughout the years. In these groups include a ton of men who are after some other business with her. And she needed to document some of these apparently. While she loves being active in different causes outside her home, she’s an active participant in her own kinky agenda inside her bedroom too. Because, why not? Currently unattached, she has the freedom to be with any man she finds appealing while watching her play with that wet cunt using her toys.

Heather Mills fucking hard

More often than not, whenever she asks one of her men to record a video for her while masturbating, they can’t help but start getting hard and would find themselves in bed with her, fucking away. But before sticking their dick inside her hole, they’d take the chance to have a taste too. If you see a naughty chick in front of you, teasing in all her naked glory, you wouldn’t pass up such chance to give her the pleasure she begs for most especially if you don’t risk getting kicked and beaten by a husband or boyfriend. Heather knows how to have fun after a stressful day at work or with her lil daughter. She has fun and a video to remember all these hot encounters by.

Heather Mills’ Vintage Naked Porn Pics

September 26th, 2010 by heather anne

hot heather mills sex

Here are some racy photos that Heather Mills wouldn’t want you to see! These are some of the earliest sex photos of Heather Mills available anywhere. This set of pictures were taken of the former Mrs. Paul McCartney during her earlier years in the U.K. She looks so fuckable in the pictures with her ripe and sexy body coupled with her innocent face. Very perky despite their large size, her natural breasts just makes you want ravish those juicy melons of hers. They stand up firmly and yet are soft-looking at the same time, her curves are a fitting addition to the whole package.

hot heather mills porn

The sex photos show Heather Mills being banged by some lucky stud.  Heather looks very young in the photographs but you can see that her body is already mature and fully-developed. Overall, these are some of the sexiest photos she’s ever done. Enjoy looking at Heather Mills’ nude photos back when she was a very young and nubile hottie.

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Heather Mills has a bad titty job

April 23rd, 2010 by heather anne

Say you’re an attention whore and an ex-Playboy model and porn queen who loves being in the spotlight and incidentally just won $48.6 million in a divorce settlement. What would you do with all that shitload of money? Well, since you’re one who loves the attention from the paparazzi, I’m asumming you’d spend a reasonable sum of money to improve your appearance and such. Aparently, not Heather Mills.

As you can see in these candid pics above is Heather Mills at an event wearing a low cleavagey dress. From afar you’d think think wow what a slender physique…that’s a total MILF right there. But when you get closer to this blonde bombshell, you’ll notice something ain’t right and that’s when you’ll see it. Her right boob is deflating! It’s looking so malnourished lately. Let’s do a comparison shall we? These shots below are from Playboy about ten years ago more or less. Notice her awesome rack? What the hell happened to those succulent breasts? Now I’m not sure if her bushy punani is also a disaster zone like her tits but let’s just hope not. For our own sake.

Heather Mills’ German Sex Manual

July 23rd, 2008 by heather anne

It was the 80s, and Heather Mills had just moved to Paris to model.  She had set up her own modelling agency two years earlier, and here she was, independent and in one of Europe’s most cosmopolitan cities.  What else could a young woman do except join a photo shoot for a German photo-only sex manual, right?  “Die Freuden der Liebe” holds it own with some of the best porn from Penthouse and Hustler  magazines from that era, we think, with Heather and her partner really showing the German public how to have hot, steamy sex with a variety of adult toys, and most especially, under a shower.  Her career in public service definitely started early, in our opinion.  Who knows how many Germans she saved from having boring, missionary-position sex with the release of that manual?  Here are a few samples of that classic instructional manual, and we hope you’ll learn a thing or two from watching Heather Mills in exciting and educational carnal action!

If you want to catch more of Heather Mills in the kind of hot, sweaty action she displays here, then check out this site, and enjoy this mature slut’s dirty pics while listening to some Paul McCartney songs for that added kinkiness!

Heather Mills Flashing Some Cleavage

July 23rd, 2008 by heather anne

With all the millions of dollars in moolah that Heather Mills has managed to score after the acrimonious divorce proceedings that she and Paul McCartney went through, you’d think she didn’t have to show her boobies anymore.  Well, once a slut, always a slut, I guess.  A British tabloid had reported in 2006 that Heather had once worked as an escort girl, and had counted Saudi Arabian prince Adnan Khashoggi and Australian tycoon Kerry Packer as one of her clients.  But as a former Beatle, Sir Paul was definitely her biggest catch of all.  And now that she’s flashing her cleavage all over the place, does that mean she’s fishing for a new catch?  Is that glint in her eye the look of a horny predator out to bag some guy for a hot n’ sweaty good time, or is she on the trail of even more millions from an unsuspecting celebrity or industrialist?  Only time will tell…

But if you don’t have time to wait, and want to see Heather Mills nude and in the middle of some dirty, raunchy action right this minute, then just click on the last link and see her hot and bothered on that kinky celebrity site!

Some Classic Heather Mills Nude Pics

July 23rd, 2008 by heather anne

Heather Mills put up her own modelling agency in 1986, when she was just 18 years old, and moved to Paris two years later, to work on some very risque jobs, like the notorious German sex manual she’s known for.  I guess that shows what kind of modelling agency she managed to set up.  It wasn’t just the German sex manual that she modelled topless for, after all.  During this period, Heather Mills also did more full-frontal nude modelling for other accounts, and that’s what you can see here.

Look at that pair of 34Es!  Too bad she had them reduced to 34Cs, although now that she’s older I guess that decision paid off, since they could have been saggier now if she hadn’t had them done before.  Heather sure knows how to plan ahead, doesn’t she?  Well, that’s what she managed to walk away with millions and millions of Sir Paul’s money.  She couldn’t have predicted how silly her 80s hairdo would look now though, but then who among us has that power?  This slut’s sure got smarts, and not just juicy jugs, but we all know what we prefer in a gal, right?

See more of Heather Mills’ sordid past and present by clicking on this link!  You’ll be mired in lusciously carnal Heather Mills pics to satisfy your appetite for classic porn or MILF hotness, depending on the era you choose.